About Yunus Öztürk

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My intention is to reach infinity in the photography industry..
I am a photography student who has 1 year left to graduate..
At the same time I also started following additional workshops to learn more and improve my skills..

When I can see the finished photo before I click,
and the images I capture are the same as my eyes percieve, that's when I'll be a photographer.

Every photo I capture must be better than the previous one.
My philosophy is continuous improvement.
I want to specialize in portraits of people, but I want to photograph everything I see too.
I will not commit to a fixed direction so I can keep refreshing myself for better performance.

After I see myself as a photographer, I will begin with the stories of my captured photo's.
For me, photography is a story about what I want to tell..

I thank Karsu Dönmez for this beautiful song.
Olay Dede the maker who have worked a lot on my website.
Yusuf Zeybek for my logo. I love you brothers <3
The wait was worth it.

With friendly regards,

Yunus Öztürk.